Monday, March 14, 2011

of weekends, castles, french fries and such

so this was our weeekend. it started out with the lasiest saturday in the history of 2011. i know, right! seriously lazy people around this joint! ANYway. . . saturday consisted of doing a little bit of cleaning in the vehicles, riding some bike (20 miles of bike) and then doing laundry and getting supper ready for when dennis and shelle got here. the laundry looked so happy in the spring breeze that i took a picture of it. that's the toppest picture if you haven't figured it out. then our scrumptious dinner of fish sticks and french fries. reminded me of the days when we only got to have four and dad and dennis got five because we could only afford one box of fish sticks. good times!! and don't even bring up peeling the breading off the fish and playing with our food. we were good kids people we did not mess around at the dinner table!!!
then sunday we left church after sunday school and headed up to seneca to see nate's. first we had to make a few stops though. one of which was a house that dad is gonna drywall this week. it's huge and comes complete with massive stone archways and a spiral staircase from the second floor to the basement. which means if you didn't understand me there that it's three stories tall. i wouldn't mind that now that i think about it. :) then we headed to what everbody in oconee county refers to as "the castle". it's a house that someone had a major vision for but lost the money to finish it halfway through. the homeowner had tore the main house down to the studs and was adding on to it, majorly. the roof was "shingled" with rubber from tires, it has an antique wine cellar, all of the exterior doors are four or so inch thick mahoghany, the outside has terraced courtyards, and the list could go on. it's absolutely insane! so i got the rest of these pictures there. not all of them are of the house but we did have alot of fun there to say the least.
one of the many run down areas that just makes me so sad for the poor man who lost it all. he had a vision.

the family crest

the antique spiral staircase that went up to a viewing deck out over the lake.
after all of this we went to nate's and did absolutely nothing. and when your with real friends and doing nothing sometimes can feel alot like everything. :) it was so good to just BE with them again.
so until the next time i blog i hope ya'll have a wonderful wonderful life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's spring everybody. And with this spring comes the little babies everywhere. Little baby sheep at Wright School Road, little baby cows on the way to Abbeville, and oh the cuteness of the little baby donkey on the way to donalds. He seriously is so cute and the only word for him is wittle baby donkey:)
His name is Clopper and he will be my Clopper and I will call Clopper.
he seriously sniffed his mom's hind end while she pooped. animals are disgusting!!! bad clopper.
and of course he had to sniff and after the sniffing was done he had to turn around and mark his own territory. boys!! bad bad clopper.
ok, enough of the jabber. i truly do love little baby donkeys. and clopper is darling. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

happy tuesday everyone!!


I love tuesdays. Tuesday means that Carrie and I get to drive an hour and fifteen minutes to a wee small town called Six Mile. It's my favorite town even above my dear little hometown of Abbeville. I have more pictures from these three houses than all the other houses combined. Today was no exception. We pulled in the drive and this bell was hanging on the tree. I couldn't resist. :)

When we got inside I looked on the counter and there were my most loved cupcakes. I love cupcakes. Chocolate, vanilla, cream-filled, anyway you choose. I LOVE CUPCAKES. And then they even had SuperBowl rings on top. So they weren't just cupcakes they were cupcakes with toys on top! WICKED SWEET, MOM!!!

So I made myself some coffee instead because I couldn't eat any cupcakes. Good coffee too. It had Baileys creamer (non-alcoholic people!) and ready whipp whipped cream on top. Yummo!!
So that was the start of my day. It was a good Tuesday and I hope yours was to. Till next Tuesday then. Have a wonderful week. :))

Sunday, January 30, 2011

on saturday dennnis and shelle came over to hang out for the usual saturday evening supper. dad decided that we should all pile in the van and go out to mccormick and look at a bridge. he told me to take my camera along and i was more than happy that i did. all the pictures loaded backwards so they're from z to a instead of a to z. :) dennis and shelle stayed in the van most of the time and this is the view i got of him every time i came back.
i've never been able to take pictures of mom and dad like this so i really enjoyed it. dad's grin reminds me of how he looked in they're engagement pictures.
this is my favorite. love how blue dad's eyes look.
this was the view inside the feed mill on the other side of the lake.
o lovely lovely afternoon sun. so sweet of you to shine on these oats.

mid-afternoon rendevous
the bridge thingy that we went to see was actually a cow farm or something like such and then they flooded it so this old silo thing got surrounded by water. it was awesome
the jon de la howe bridge. it was a wonderful afternoon to be out. i'm so thankful for my family and beautiful january days. :)
hope ya'll enjoy.