Sunday, January 30, 2011

on saturday dennnis and shelle came over to hang out for the usual saturday evening supper. dad decided that we should all pile in the van and go out to mccormick and look at a bridge. he told me to take my camera along and i was more than happy that i did. all the pictures loaded backwards so they're from z to a instead of a to z. :) dennis and shelle stayed in the van most of the time and this is the view i got of him every time i came back.
i've never been able to take pictures of mom and dad like this so i really enjoyed it. dad's grin reminds me of how he looked in they're engagement pictures.
this is my favorite. love how blue dad's eyes look.
this was the view inside the feed mill on the other side of the lake.
o lovely lovely afternoon sun. so sweet of you to shine on these oats.

mid-afternoon rendevous
the bridge thingy that we went to see was actually a cow farm or something like such and then they flooded it so this old silo thing got surrounded by water. it was awesome
the jon de la howe bridge. it was a wonderful afternoon to be out. i'm so thankful for my family and beautiful january days. :)
hope ya'll enjoy.

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