Friday, August 20, 2010

ten things i love about the south

  1. everything is fried: fried chicken, fried potatoes, fried everything and just add a little bit of bbq and i am in food heaven!
  2. old men and women sitting on the porches in the middle of the afternoon heat.
  3. old family farms
  4. big trucks
  5. southern girls and there mommas pearls
  6. cowboy boots in red mud
  7. the little country churches on every corner
  8. relaxing way of life
  9. the deep history running for the generations

and last but definitly not least, i love the south because it is the place where God brought us as a family. guiding us every step of the way, showing us that we need Him to go with us or we will never make it. how people make it without Him as there Saviour boggles my mind. i would not be where i am if it were not for Him.

i thought this porch signified everything the simple life of southerners live. a rocking chair to sit in and chat with the neighbors, a flag to show that there daddy fought for the freedom of this nation, and a few shutters that need to find another place to live. :) but in all of it's mess and clutter there is a home sweet home feeling about it. i felt drawn to it and it's sweet atmosphere. i hope the picture portrays that a wee.