Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's spring everybody. And with this spring comes the little babies everywhere. Little baby sheep at Wright School Road, little baby cows on the way to Abbeville, and oh the cuteness of the little baby donkey on the way to donalds. He seriously is so cute and the only word for him is wittle baby donkey:)
His name is Clopper and he will be my Clopper and I will call Clopper.
he seriously sniffed his mom's hind end while she pooped. animals are disgusting!!! bad clopper.
and of course he had to sniff and after the sniffing was done he had to turn around and mark his own territory. boys!! bad bad clopper.
ok, enough of the jabber. i truly do love little baby donkeys. and clopper is darling. :)

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